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Environmental monitoring areas
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Environmental Politics

The general management of Golf del Sur, aware of the limitation of natural resources, especially in the Canary Islands, and of the environmental impacts associated with the development of our activity, started in 2004 the implementation of an environmental management system: UNE-EN ISO 14.0

At the time  not only we designed our environmental policy, but appointed a specific responsible for the environment department, committing ourselves to the periodic review of our activity, products and services, verifying always the fulfillment of our policy and seeking continuous improvements of this implementation.

Aware of the importance of maintaining our environment, we have developed an environmental management system that prevents the negative impacts associated with the activity of the golf course. Our facilities and services must always be designed taking into account the objective of optimizing the sustainability of the golf course, preventing pollution and minimizing negative impacts, criteria to be taken into account in all present and future developments.

We are aware of the impacts that our golf course generates, therefore our aim is to improve the sustainable management, assuming the commitment to continuous improvement in all areas of sustainability: social, economic and environmental, always in order to increase the satisfaction of the client.

In the same way, we acquire the commitment of the fullfillment of all legal requirements or others related to environmental legislation of the golf course.

Our approach must be characterized by objectivity, acquiring the commitment of raising the awareness of all Golf del Sur personnnel  to the principles laid down in this document, of which delivery is done to them.

This policy will be reviewed every year and will be adapted to the realities of Golf del Sur, the game of golf and the destination in which it is located.

REVIEWED AND APPROVED – 15th june of 2018
Reviewed and approved: D. Zacarías M. Galindo González, President

Environmental monitoring areas

Water consumption

Water consumption is a very important factor in the management of a golf course, especially in the Canary Islands where water is a scarce resource.

In Golf del Sur we water the lawn with regenerated water. In this way, when reusing residual water we avoid consuming potable water in the irrigation system and take advantage of a very important resource given the characteristics of the climatology of our territory.

To reduce the consumption of regenerated water we have implemented a series of measures in this regard. The adjustment of sprinklers is essential to avoid water losses. Also the replacement of pipes is an important factor to avoid possible leaks.

One of the most important measures implemented in recent years has been the installation of the irrigation management program LYNX, which allows us to optimize water resources. Simultaneously, a weather station has been installed, which connected to the LYNX program, provides us with detailed information on the weather conditions, which facilitates the adjustment of the irrigation according to the real needs of the field.

Our consumption of drinking water in the Club House has been limited to the maximum by reducing the capacity of our cisterns, installing double push buttons in the toilets, betting on taps with aerators or approving a system to detect water leaks.

In the Clubhouse a water softener has been installed with the intention of offering a higher quality of water to our customers. Another advantage offered by this interesting initiative is the energy savings achieved, since lime is a thermal insulator, so adhering to our thermos or dishwasher entails an excess of energy consumption to heat the water.

Finally, we must emphasize the meticulous control of water consumption that we carry out in the field in order to detect possible anomalies in the system, thus avoiding losses and leaks.

Energy consumption

Energy consumption is a factor that requires strict control within our golf course.

Within the measures that we have implemented in Golf del Sur to reduce energy consumption we can mention the installation of low consumption LED technology, the installation of fluorescent tubes without primers, the installation of capacitor banks to avoid energy losses and the replacement of Resistances for heat pumps with more modern accumulators.

One of the most important elements that has contributed to reduce our energy consumption has been the replacement of old pumps with more modern pumps, controlled by variable speed drives, which, together with the implementation of the LYNX irrigation management and the weather station, reduces the energy consumption of the pumps.

We state that more than 20% of the energy we consume comes from renewable sources, according to our marketer.

Paper consumption

Taking into account the administrative work within our activity, the control of paper consumption becomes fundamental.

One of the measures that we have put in place to save paper has been the application of practices of responsible consumption of paper: the reuse of the second side of the paper used for the printing of drafts or internal documentation, the double-sided printing or the sensitization of our staff to avoid printing unnecessary documentation.

The consumption of certified paper with environmental stamps is another measure implemented in Golf del Sur.

Dangerous residues

The golf courses are associated with the production of hazardous waste: packaging and traces of phytosanitary products, workshop products, batteries and accumulators, fluorescent tubes, etc.
In Golf del Sur we manage all the hazardous waste that we produce with authorized managers, thus guaranteeing the correct management of the same.

Urban waste

Like hazardous waste, the production of urban waste must be controlled.

In Golf del Sur we separate our urban waste: paper / cardboard, containers and glass, and deposit them in their corresponding containers. With this action we make sure that all these residues, instead of ending up in the insular landfill, acquire a second life.

Finally, Golf del Sur also contributes to the reuse of their pruning remains by delivering these residues to farmers, reusing them as a fertilizer for their fields. In addition, we collaborate with pilot projects of transformation in compost of urban waste.

Use of phytosanitary products

The use of phytosanitary products, as in any crop, is essential in the care of the lawn of a golf course.

To minimize the damages related to the application of phytosanitary products in the soil and in the environment, we have developed a responsible purchasing policy by selecting the product according to its toxicity. All this together with the involvement of the gardening staff with their training and qualification captained by our greenkeeper, thus ensuring a correct application of this type of product, minimizing its use to the maximum.

Environmental legislation

One of the requirements that requires the implementation of ISO 14.001 to pass the certification process is compliance with all legal requirements applicable to our sector. In this way, with the certification of the standard in 2004 we have been guaranteeing for more than a decade compliance with the legal requirements that are applicable to us: atmospheric emissions, fire protection system control, correct use of phytosanitary products, correct management of waste, application of a control system against Legionella bacteria, periodic reviews of our low voltage installations, etc.

Local wildlife